Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are asking all guests to be vigilant in following guidelines.

  • Meridian Sun members who are walking may call ahead to register and bypass the golf shop.  
  • Riders and guests must register and pay inside.
  • Staff will use protective gloves while serving our guests.  
  • Please stay 6 feet apart, wash hands regularly.  
  • Use gloves if you have them.  We have sanitizer available at the counter. Bring hand sanitizer for use during your round.
  • All door knobs, counters and bathrooms will be sanitized with Clorox bleach sanitizer every 30 minutes.
  • Please leave flagsticks in the hole and use the gimmie rule inside of 4-5 feet.  If you hole the ball, remove the flagstick with your glove hand and use a putter or wedge to get the ball from hole.  
  • Golf carts & pull carts will be staged 6' apart and sanitized after each use.  Handles, steering wheels, bag racks, canopies and seats will be wiped down with a Clorox bleach sanitizer
  • Thank you for coming to play Meridian Sun Golf Club and for your cooperation in following our safety procedures.
Golf Course Temporarily Closed

Dear Friends

In accordance with Governor Whitmer's Stay Home, Stay Safe order on Sunday, the golf course is temporarily closed through April 13th.  The Michigan Golf Alliance has asked the Governor's office for clarity on this order as it pertains to golf courses opening.  We will continue to follow the Governor's order until we hear otherwise.  We will update you with the latest information should this order change.  In the meantime safe healthly and safe.  We will continue to answer phone calls and emails and will update the golf course status via Meridiansungc.com, Facebook and email.  We will see you soon.