Bill Mory, PGA Professional

After spending 13 years as the Head Professional and Director of Golf at Walnut Hills Country Club in East Lansing, MI, my wife Karen and I purchased Meridian Sun Golf Club in Haslett, MI (formerly Pine Lake Golf Course) in February 2000. I grew up at a course much like Meridian Sun and taught myself to play with tips from my father and an old time golf pro by the name of Joe Nadolny. Shagging golf balls and playing as many as 54 holes in a day at High Cliff Golf Course in Wisconsin I learned that golf is about getting the ball into the hole in the fewest number of strokes. It wasn't about having the perfect swing, but rather about having fun and hitting as many good shots as I could muster.

During 31 years as a PGA Professional, I have taught both male and female golfers at every skill level from beginner to professional and every age from 2 to 96. My teaching and coaching philosophy and methods are simple and have been developed through years of study and experience in coaching my various students as well as from playing competitively throughout my life in high school, college and professional events such as the 2012 United States Senior Open, the PGA Tour's Buick Open and the Ben Hogan Tour (currently the Web.com tour).

I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the game and hope that it will not only help you to improve your game, but also enjoy it to the fullest. Golf is a game that is played and enjoyed for some many reasons including the beauty of the course landscape, recreation and socializing with friends and family, exercise, travel, competition with self and others and the challenge of hitting that perfect shot or improving on your best score. Yes, it has it's frustrating moments, but we should be thankul for those for without them, we could not enjoy the victories regardless of how big or small.

Many of my youth students have gone on to successful high school, college and professional careers, but what I find most rewarding is to see my students playing more golf and enjoying it at a higher level with their family and friends. My passion for junior golf and coaching kids is demostrated in our terrific youth golf program at Meridian Sun Golf Club and in having served as both the Girls and Boys Golf Coach at Haslett High School for nine years. To learn more about our junior golf program and my philosphy on coaching youth player, please click here.

The game of golf has been a wonderful blessing my life and if the information I share can encourage you and others to play more golf and have more fun experiencing the many wonderful aspects of this game, I am humbled.

Stephanie Wagemann, Teaching Professional

My family and I made the move back to Haslett, MI in May 2011 following the birth of our first son, Timothy; where we now have the priviledge of working alongside my family to operate Meridian Sun Golf Club. While my husband, Matt, is the Manager, I am able to pursue my love of sharing the game of golf through teaching and instructional programs. I currently teach numerous ladies programs, operate and instruct the junior programs, and teach individual or small group lessons. I also now coach the Haslett High School Girls Golf Team during the fall sports season.

I spent the first 18 years of my life in Haslett, where my dad is a PGA Professional, and owner of Meridian Sun since 2000. I spent my high school years at the golf course, and played Varsity golf for Haslett. As a junior golfer, I was recruited to play in college, and made the decision to move to Champaign, Illinois and play for the University of Illinois, Fighting Illini. I spent four years as a starter on the U of I team (2004-2008), and made the record books with a top ten career scoring average. After graduating with a degree in Kinesiology, I knew I wanted to keep golf as part of my career, so I accepted a job as the Assistant Golf Professional at Champaign Country Club. There I tought numerous ladies clinics, junior programs, and individual lessons for two seasons. In August 2010, I went back to the University of Illinois, this time as the Assistant Women's Golf Coach, under my own college coach. I spent two years coaching the Fighting Illini team, while they jumped 50 places in the rankings, and earned their first NCAA Regional appearance since 2004. It was when our son was born in April 2011 that we decided to make the move to Michigan, to be around family. I am fortunate to continue working in the field I love, while also being able to spend time raising my son.

Every person is unique physically, mentally and emotionally and therefore you can never teach two people the exact same swing, and you cannot teach two different people in the same way. I understand that there is greatness within each student, my job as their teacher or coach is to help them realize this greatness, and help remove any barriers that are getting between them and their full potential. I commit to helping the student become AWARE of what they are doing within their golf swing. Learning can only come through self-awareness. I will also focus on teaching the studnet what the club needs to be doing to get the desired results- since the club is what they use to hit the ball. As opposed to what they are doing with their body, because those feelings will be different for every player. I will focus on what to do and have the student DISCOVER how to do it.

No two golf swings will be the same. That being said, I believe that the most important thing for a golfer to learn is how the clubface and the golf ball connect at the point of impact. It is also important for each individual golfer to develop a swing that is effecient for them, and that they are capable of repeating consitently from one swing to the next and that is similar from one club to another. The ultimate goal of the golf swing being to make the ball go to a chosen target, for a specified distance, through control of the clubface, by taking a proper set-up and swinging the club with the arms and rotation of teh core-back and forward to a proper finish position.

Matt Wagemann, Marketing

I assist with the marketing and social media management.  On occasion you may see me with my guitar performing for the Meridian Sun patrons on patio party nights.  In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my family and performing as a singer-songwriter.